I confess


The pungent mixture of chlorine, piss and shit hit his nose. His mouth tasted bitter, itchiness encompassed his entire body, head pounding, heart racing. He reached to his side clawing at the metal bowl turning away to hide his shame, he let out last night's prison sloop. The three men looked away as if to say there was no dying...

Whaling at the top of its lungs, the ghost ran backwards trying to avoid one more swing of the salty bat. Its cries were a mix of a baby and the last mating call of an exotic bird.

The real you isn't the fake camaraderie, the smile you give, the node of the head. The real you isn't the one who sees the good in people. The real you isn't what everyone things. Behind the glass is a pain much deeper. Behind the face, peel back the skin, the real you appears right in the face of everyone....



Suffocation is setting in, my lungs are collapsing and all I can see is darkness. I can't breathe, shit, where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here. I grope around, trying to find something. My hand hits a hard object on my left. I drag my knuckle along it. I can feel tiny pieces of blistering wood digging deep like daggers....